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You post on Instagram in order to get followers, right? At least that should be the idea, particularly when you are using the site for marketing. In order to gain a following, you will have to do more than just post nice pictures. If that were all there is to it, everyone would be popular.

Instagram currently has over 300 million users and it is expected to reach 400 million by 2019 and that is not too far away at all. You can leverage these high amounts of users to your advantage. Since you know there is an audience out there for your market, you should get on the site and start up.

Once you have an Instagram account, you will want to build a following for your brand or even just for yourself. People should find some vivid, clear, and colorful photos when they look at your posts. You can also find free Instagram followers without survey requirements.

Doing that, you will make your posts more popular just by way of looking at the number of followers. On one hand, it makes you feel more confident and on the other it brings real followers. This is just because people like to follow something that looks popular so they can see what it is about.

As you are gaining followers, you want to keep them so it is important to engage them. Go to their accounts and like their posts too. When you get likes, give likes and it is a method that works well for you to gain from this. Also, when people comment, you should reply to their comments.

When you do get free Instagram followers without survey needs, you will be able to branch out a little bit and distribute the followers over various posts. It is good to have just one campaign at a time but you can put as many likes and followers as you want on each post.

Now you know about the vivid photos and buying followers as well as engagement of your followers for gaining more. You should keep track of all of this. When you think you are going to remember, you probably will not, especially when you start to gain them by the thousands.

Keep track by using a spreadsheet or even just a calendar. The calendar is a good idea because you also want to make sure that you are posting often enough but not too often. You want to keep it at a maximum of one per day and no less than one every other day.

Record all the results for each post. Notice and write down how many likes and followers you are getting so you will know if you need to improve your photos or if you need to engage more or if you need to see about buying or getting free followers.

Once you have gained a good following, don’t stop what you are doing. Follow up and keep going. Your followers will expect it and you do not want to lose them.

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